Medical Education Program (MEP)

Medical Education Program
We have provided medical education throughout Bali, Lombok, Gili Islands and Java thanks to our amazing team from Sanglah Hospital. This program involve educating Doctors, Nurses and other health staff that work for Community Health Service (PUSKESMAS) or Hospitals.

We provide various levels of Medical education focusing on: What is Methanol Poisoning, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Timely, correct treatment using Ethanol – Front line intervention up to Dialysis treatment. If you know of Medical staff who require training please contact us.

MEP Yogyakarta 8-9 Juni 2016

MEP Yogyakarta 19 December 2015

Bali Stake Holder and Health Care Personel Focus Group Discussion 11 Mei 2016

Gili Trawangan Education 30 April 2016

MEP RSUD Buleleng 30 Maret 2016