1. Why Ethanol should be given to a Patient with Methanol Poisoning?

2. How much Ethanol should I give a Patient orally?

3. Do I keep giving Ethanol once my patient is on intermittent dialysis?


Ethanol stops the body from processing the methanol and can prevent further poisoning.  If IV ethanol is available, it can be used as a substitute for oral ethanol, so long as it is administered under medical supervision.

For adults, give them an initial “loading dose” of 1.8 mL of spirits (spirits with a minimum of 33% (86-proof) ethanol content) per 1 kg of body weight (i.e., for a 70 kg adult, administer three 42 mL shots) of spirits such as vodka, gin, or whisky, with a maintenance dose of 0.40 mL/kg per hour. (i.e., for a 70 kg adult, one 42 mL shot per hour).  To simplify:  for an average-sized adult weighing 70kg, administer a loading dose of 126mL up-front, and 28ml/hour thereafter.

YES, continue giving Ethanol until all methanol has been removed and patients acididity levels are normal.

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